August 7, 2008


Pakistan province Sindh sees half of poultry farms closing down
High production costs have forced more than 50 percent of poultry farms in Pakistan's province Sindh to close down this year.


A poultry trader said many small poultry farmers have turned to other businesses. Abdul Maroof Siddiqui from Pakistan Poultry Association said that while beef and mutton prices have spiralled, chicken prices have remained stagnant at Rs140-180 per kg since two to three years ago.


Aside from rising feed costs, a declining demand in chicken meat has also forced poultry producers not to increase prices, according to Abdul.


Further closures of poultry farms would likely lead to chicken meat prices skyrocketing, Abdul said.


Abdul estimated that chicken meat prices could increase to about Rs 200 per kg if the sector continues to face financial losses.

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