August 7, 2008


Pakistan's poultry producers call for corn export ban


Responding to high corn prices which believed to have been caused by exports, Chairman of the Pakistan Poultry Association, Abdul Basit, has asked for a corn export ban to lower chicken feed prices.


Basit said a delay on the ban would push the cost of chicken production higher, forcing the closure of many chicken farms.


Loss of the chicken farms would mean a general rise in meat prices, affecting mutton and beef as well, he added.


According to the Daily Times in Pakistan, rising production costs have resulted in the closure of more than half the poultry farms in Sindh, one of the four provinces in the nation.


The Pakistan Poultry Association said that chicken prices were still at levels seen two to three years ago while beef and mutton prices have been spiraling.


Meanwhile, chicken feed prices, which have risen around 60 percent in the last three months, is severely straining farmers' ability to continue in the business.

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