August 6, 2018


Germany's poultry farmers beleaguered by higher feed costs


A summer drought in Germany has sparked rising prices of animal feed, causing the country's poultry farmers to seek for price increase from supermarkets, according to producer association ZDG.


Costlier animal feed in recent days have burdened German poultry farmers, with current prices for wheat, "a central component of chicken and turkey feed," about 25% over last year's level," ZDG said.

Germany's harvest for this year has been curtailed by what is described as the hottest July since 1881. Harvest of German wheat is anticipated to slide about 25% on year, the German farmers' union revealed.

ZDG warned that poultry farmers would not be able to cope with extra costs that occurred as a result of the drought. Assistance by the German government could come in the form of special aid to help farmers deal with higher feed prices, but this intervention is currently under consideration.

ZDG also hopes that food retailers "increase their purchase prices," and consumers would accept higher prices for poultry meat.

- BusinessWorld