August 6, 2008


DDGS awareness rising in US cattle industry


More cattlemen in the US are now using DDGS as awareness of its cost-efficiencies grew.


SweetPro Premium Feed Supplements, a probiotic feed supplement manufacturer in North Dakota that uses distillers dried grains with solubles as one of its main ingredients, has been seeing more cattlemen adopt DDGS as the US ramps up ethanol production. 


Bob Thornberg, president of the company said that previously, only feedlots used distillers grains, but today more cattle producers are seeing value in using DDGS earlier in an animal's life and cattlemen are now becoming the main market.


SweetPro packages its feed supplement solution in blocks for range-fed cattle. The company promotes using its feed supplements with nursing heifers and post-weaning calves for overall calf growth.


Thornberg said people need to understand the value the ethanol industry brings to farmers through distillers grains, adding that DDGS would ultimately cut down grain usage at feedlots and shorten time spent at finishing yards.


SweetPro lists more than 240 dealers on its Web site, most of them in the mountain states and the Midwest. The company also has a very strong Canadian presence.

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