August 5, 2015


Indonesia corn import ban may raise poultry, egg prices



Indonesia's recent move to stop import permits of corn will cause wholesale poultry and egg prices to rise at least 6% over the next month, the Indonesian Poultry Farmers Association told Reuters.


The recent announcement can be read here: /contents/08-05-2015/d5dea27b-182c-4450-a176-1592f52051d4-b154.html


"This policy has good intentions (to encourage self-sufficiency), but it was too sudden, without any preparation," association chairman Hartono said.


"This three million tonnes of corn per year can provide jobs for so many people here," he said, referring to the volume of grain that had been slated for import this year.


Hartono said after the announcement, corn traders had increased prices of corn sold to local breeders by 10%.


Wholesale poultry prices are about 22,000 rupiah (US$1.63) per kilogram, he said at press time.

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