August 5, 2011


Bulgaria reaps four million tonnes of wheat so far


Bulgaria has harvested four million tonnes of wheat from 94% of the sown area, flat on a year ago, the agriculture ministry said Thursday (Aug 4).


The average yield of 4.05 tonnes per hectare was better than in 2010, but the crop matched last year's as farmers have planted less of the grain.


The farm ministry hoped favourable weather would boost the crop to 4.1 million tonnes.


The Black Sea country's domestic demand is 2.0-2.2 million tonnes, meaning it can export the rest. Its average annual wheat exports range between 1.5-2.0 million tonnes.


So far, Bulgarian farmers have shipped 206,000 tonnes of wheat abroad, mainly to Spain, and smaller quantities to Italy and Portugal, sources said, adding that another 95,000 tonnes are to be loaded on ships next week.


"The exports for this time of the year are slightly above last year's. Total wheat exports however will be about two million tonnes, in line with 2010-11 marketing season," sources added.

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