August 5, 2008


Shrimp consumption down in the US while salmon rises


US shrimp consumption is heading down while salmon consumption is up, according to figures from the National Fisheries Institute.


It was a drop in shrimp consumption, caused by import restrictions that led to an overall drop in US seafood consumption, market watchers said. Shrimp is the number one seafood in the US.


Seafood consumption per capita was 16.3 pounds in 2007, a 1.2-percent decline from 2006, according to the popular top 10 list released by the National Fisheries Institute. 


Canned tuna was the second most popular seafood, but consumption in this category has also been declining for years.


Salmon remained the third most popular and saw the strongest gain of all seafoods on the top 10 list. Each American, on average, ate 2.2 pounds of salmon last year. 


Pollock ranked No. 4 again and farmed tilapia remained at No. 5.


The others in the top 10 list were catfish, crab, cod, clams and flatfish, which includes halibut. 


Per capita beef consumption at 62.4 pounds, meant that Americans eat about four times as much beef as seafood,


Beef is the most popular meat, followed closely be chicken, at 59.8 pounds.


Both beef and chicken saw consumption dropping slightly.


Pork however saw a 2.3 percent gain to 47.7 pounds, largely due to oversupply which drove down prices this year.

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