August 5, 2008


Meriden develops Orego-Stim for aquaculture


Meriden has developed two specific formulations of Orego-Stim for aquaculture.


The animal health product, which kills harmful pathogens, was formerly restricted for use in pigs and poultry.


The product, Orego-Stim AQUATRACT Liquid for aquaculture comes in a liquid and a powder form.


The liquid is most adaped for use on extruded feed. Before use, the liquid must be diluted with fats so a coating can be sprayed onto the pellets post extrusion.


Orego-Stim AQUATRACT Powder is intended for use not within a feed but as a powder to be coated onto a feed pellet at the time of feeding.


Orego-Stim is derived from Origanum aetheroleum from Meriden's natural oregano plantations. The company said trials conducted show the unique oil of oregano contains two very powerful natural phenols which have medicinal properties that benefit livestock.

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