August 5, 2008


Western Australia approves barley export licenses



Western Australia state's Grain Licensing Authority Monday (Aug 4, 2008) announced the approval of a special export license for 60,000 tonnes of malting barley to Asia and 290,000 tonnes of feed barley to the Middle East from crops to be harvested in late 2008.


Chairman Wayne Obst said the total tonnage requested in feed barley applications was not granted because some applicants had not consistently acquired and shipped grain from the state in previous seasons.


This round of approvals brings the total malting barley approved for the new crop to 110,000 tonnes and feed barley to 580,000 tonnes. Barley licenses total 690,000 tonnes, or 34 percent of the predicted crop in the state, he said in a statement.


The authority has the power to approve bulk export shipments of barley, lupins and rapeseed by groups other than majority exporter Grain Pool, a unit of grower-owned Cooperative Bulk Handling Ltd., under the Grain Marketing Act of 2002.

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