August 4, 2020


China's Inner Mongolia invests US$32.9 million for dairy sector


North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will invest RMB230 million (about US$32.9 million) to aid the development of the traditional dairy sector, stated the regional department of agriculture and animal husbandry, Xinhua reported.


The investment will be used to support the development of dairy farms that both produce milk and meat in pastoral areas, encourage dairy farms and cooperatives to set up traditional dairy plants and workshops and support such plants and workshops in building their own milk source bases, said Liu Yongzhi, deputy head of the department.


The region has 16 traditional dairy companies and 746 registered workshops. More than 390 tonnes of fresh milk is processed daily on average, with an annual output value of RMB600 million.


The region will also allocate RMB30 million to support the upgrading of 100 workshops, covering the standardisation of production equipment, processing and production, cold chain transportation and sanitation management, Liu added.