August 4, 2014 

Thailand: Poultry exports expected to rise in 2014

Thailand's poultry exports will likely increase this year, according to the Department of International Trade Promotion.

Director-General of the Department, Nanthawan Sakuntanak, said the Thai Broiler Processing Exporters Association expected Thailand to export 560,000 to 570,000 tonnes of live and processed poultry worth 78 billion baht (US$2.43 billion) in 2014, an increase from last year's exports of 530,000 tonnes.

The absence of bird flu outbreaks in Thailand, and the problem of substandard Chinese poultry exports which Japan faced, were beneficial factors for Thai poultry. Last month, McDonald's Co. (Japan) discontinued sales of all chicken products from China and directed all sourcing to Thailand, in the wake of the Shanghai Husi food scandal.

The director-general suggested that Thai producers and exporters should maintain their export quality throughout the supply chain so that they would be able to continuously expand export markets and consumers' confidence in the safety of Thai poultry would be sustained.