August 4, 2011


US market eyes to welcome Mexican poultry



The US is looking to open its market to Mexican poultry imports which for many years have faced sanitary sanctions, according to local news in Mexico.


Hugo Pérez Cano, head of the International Trade Practices Unit of Mexico's Ministry of Economy, affirmed that a new proposal by the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) would seek to certify poultry processing plants in Mexico and grant them direct access to the US market.


US inspectors will be visiting Mexican processing plants in the coming months, studying up close which ones have eradicated such bird diseases as Newcastle.


Mexico imports more than 15% of its poultry products from the US, estimated at 3.29 million tonnes per year.


Pérez Cano said that, at the request of such companies as Bachoco, Patsa and Buenaventura, Mexico has been investigating US "dumping" practices since early 2011. The investigation now has around 50 participating companies.


These companies argue that US poultry products exported to Mexico are sold below market prices, which seriously impacts the national industry.


Pérez Cano said that the Ministry of Economy will continue its "dumping" investigation and, if any violations are found, Mexico may impose a high tariff to all incoming US poultry products.

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