August 4, 2011


Lityn Dairy Q2's output reduces



From April-June this year, the Lityn dairy plant, a milk processing organisation located in Vinnytsia region, lessened output by 40.6% or 4,284 tonnes to 6,267 tonnes, in contrast to the same period last year.


Comparing with January-March, the enterprise raised production by 82.76% or 2,838 tonnes.


In the first quarter, Lityn dairy plant trimmed production by 49.45% or 3,354 tonnes to 3,429 tonnes, as compared with January-March 2010.


In particular, in the second quarter, the enterprise reduced production of whole-milk products by 42.32% or 3,524 tonnes, versus April-June 2010, to 4,804 tonnes, sour-milk products by 23.65% or 101 tonnes to 326 tonnes, powder milk by 47.65% or 233 tonnes to 256 tonnes, butter by 40.52% or 156 tonnes to 229 tonnes, fat cheeses by 29.65% or 271 tonnes to 643 tonnes, and raised production of cream by 12.5% or one tonne to nine tonnes.


According to the representative, the decline in production was caused by limits on supplies of produce to Russia.


In all, the enterprise produced 9,696 tonnes of dairy products in January-June, that is 44.06% or 7,638 tonnes less than in the first half of 2010.


The media also stated that the Lityn dairy plant upped production by 22.06% or 5,596 tonnes to 30,964 tonnes in 2010 against 2009.


The plant finished 2009 with a net profit of UAH3.851 million (US$482,900).


Lityn dairy plant produces foodstuffs under the Bilozghar trademark.


It produces 35 kinds of cheeses and cream cheeses, butter, milk powder, and whole-milk and sour-milk products.


The plant exports about 40% of its products to Russia.


83.2% of the plant's shares, which is an open joint-stock company, are owned by the supervisory board chairman Petro Tykhoniuk.

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