August 4, 2011


Meriden's Orego-Stim gains organic certification in Australia

Press Release


Orego-Stim®, the 100% natural feed additive from Meriden Animal Health, has been certified for use in organic systems in Australia by the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute.


Orego-Stim® is already certified by Organic Farmers and Growers Limited for use in organic rearing systems, ensuring that it can be included in the diets either via the drinking water or the feed of organically reared poultry and pigs. 


"The certification behind all organic animal products ensures that no chemicals are used in the rearing of animals" says Regulatory Specialist, Inga Shahin.  "Using organic products is a way of ensuring the use of healthy, traceable and sustainable ingredients in animal's feed." 


Damian Moore, Director of Feed Safety, says, "There are very few organic feed additives available on the Australian market.  Now with Orego-Stim® gaining approval, organic farmers have a greater choice in selecting suitable feed additives which can give their production systems real benefits in terms of production and flock health.  This is a product that can really add value to organic farming operations."


Orego-Stim® is the 100% natural feed additive/flavour used globally in the diets of a variety of commercial livestock species to enhance and maximise overall performance, increasing financial returns. Orego-Stim® not only improves the functioning of the gut, but is renowned for other interesting properties.

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