August 4, 2011


US poultry group unveils video to dispel myths



The US Poultry & Egg Association has released a new video that shows how chickens and turkeys are raised in the US to dispel consumer myths about the industry.


The video takes a behind-the-scenes look at hatcheries and poultry farms. It addresses areas such as sanitation practices, vaccination techniques, poultry diets, poultry litter management, and the safeguarding of natural resources, as well as highlights the sustainability of the modern poultry industry.


The video answers many questions consumers have about poultry production. For example, the poultry industry is constantly asked the question: Are chickens and turkeys fed hormones? The answer is no. The poultry industry does not use hormones. The video explains how, through advances in breeding, modern animal care practices, and the efforts of the American farmer, we can produce poultry sustainably and economically to help feed the world.


The video also takes a look at the 40,000+ family farmers who own and operate the vast majority of small poultry farms, helping to preserve the time-honoured tradition of family life on the farm.

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