August 3, 2022


Session at PorkExpo in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, to discuss pig farming market


During the PorkExpo event held in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, the Brazilian Association of Pig Farmers will promote an exclusive meeting to discuss the market for pig farming.       


The organisers of PorkExpo, which will be held on October 26-27, confirmed the holding of the ABCS Special Panel during the event.


The meeting, which is promoted by the Brazilian Association of Pig Breeders, will be an opportunity for producers and other market players to update themselves on the main demands of the market.


ABCS president Marcelo Lopes highlighted the entity's expectations about the event, saying: "We have high expectations for the ABCS panel at PorkExpo. This is one of the main events in international swine farming, which brings together a select audience and excellent quality programming."


The president of PorkExpo, Flavia Roppa, explained that during the ABCS Panel, topics such as production, exports, consumption and the improvement of the relationship with the market will be addressed.


"For us, it is a great satisfaction to have ABCS by our side during the event. As one of the main entities of Brazilian pig farming, this partnership gives us the guarantee of excellence in information and updates for the sector," Roppa said.


According to her, PorkExpo's main objective is to promote alignment with the main future demands of swine farming.


"...being on the side of ABCS, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein Production (ABPA) and the Swine Museum, gives us a dimension of what the public can expect at PorkExpo," Roppa added.


"We are opening a new perspective, as a symbol of renewal, new times and optimistic perspectives for pig farming. We are promoting a programme of lectures, actions, debates, launches and interaction to renew the faith and energy that we have and bring to the world, which are born from each farm, each industry, each point of retail, consumption and promotion of Brazilian pork and worldwide and which will further enshrine the motto that has always motivated PorkExpo since the beginning of the organisation to hold a historic event in 2022, as the beginning of a new decade of innovations for swine farming."

- PorkExpo

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