August 3, 2022


Hotraco Agri unveils iHotraco Farm Data system



Hotraco Agri said it is taking farm optimisation to a "whole new level" with its introduction of the iHotraco Farm Data system.


The automated systems developer added that it is committed to helping customers take the first steps toward the practical use of big data for poultry businesses.


"In the coming years, smart farming will grow exponentially. The importance and usability of big data is rapidly increasing," the company said. "We are moving from data to information, to insight, to action, to results."


According to Hotraco, automation systems have allowed farmers to remotely monitor and control all their processes, from anywhere in the world.


"The more data these systems collect, the more insights farmers can gain," Hotraco highlighted. "These data systems will grow increasingly intelligent. They will be capable of storing daily decisions made by farmers and, over time, provide farmers with practical advice that will help them make their farms more efficient and profitable. When farmers decide to share certain data with the supply chain, the entire poultry industry will benefit tremendously."


Hence, Hotraco Agri is now helping farmers and dashboard developers with collecting and organising all data automatically, reliably and securely by using the latest data-sharing technology.


The company further noted: "(Before) you can safely and easily draw conclusions from your data, you need to have a complete set of data that is collected automatically, stored centrally in a standardised format and organised in an efficient, reliable, and secure way.


"That's the foundation of smart farming. That's iHotraco Farm Data."

- Hotraco

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