August 2, 2022


Vietnam's Consumer Price Index spikes as pork and poultry prices increase



An increase in prices of pork, poultry and some other products in Vietnam has pushed the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in July up by 0.4% from June and 3.14% year-on-year.


Pork prices rose 4.29% from June on the back of surging animal feed costs. Pork prices are now around ₫65,000-72,000 (US$2.78-3.08) per kilogramme.


Poultry prices went up 1.92% during the same period as logistics costs and egg prices rose, with companies beginning to make the traditional moon cake for the annual Mid-Autumn Festival.


Overall, the food category has seen prices rise by 1.6% from June.


In the first seven months, the CPI went up 2.54% year-on-year.


Vietnam targets to keep CPI growth under 4% each year.


- VnExpress International

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