August 2, 2016
Ayurvet to participate in EUROTIER 2016

Leading herbal veterinary company, Ayurvet Limited, is set to participate in EUROTIER 2016 at Hannover, Germany.


EUROTIER is one of the world's largest gathering of veterinary professionals and industry personnel from all over the world. The key focus of Ayurvet would be to send the message of "traditional knowledge and modern research" to the international community. For decades, Ayurvet actively participates in the welfare of the animals and humans by adhering to practices in providing safe food, be it milk, meat or eggs.


In addition, the natural solutions provided by Ayurvet have been globally accepted.


In EUROTIER, Ayurvet will be focus on the ECOBIOTIC range of products as alternatives to antibiotics. The products includes AGP (alternate growth promoter); Salcochek Pro, gut function modulator; and Respzz, which provides relief from respiratory distress.


Also, a wide range of innovative herbal solution, like Methiorep - which reduces usage of synthetic methionine, and Superliv - which contains superior liver tonics, would also be featured during the event.

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