August 1, 2022


Kodagu in Karnataka, India, bans transport of pork over concerns of ASF



Precautions are in place in Kodagu, Karnataka, India, to control the spread of African swine fever (ASF), following the spread of the disease across the districts of Kerala state.


The interstate sales and transport of pork have been temporarily banned by the Kodagu veterinary department.


A large population of domestic swine are being infected with ASF in Kerala. As a precautionary measure, the district veterinary department has issued a notification banning interstate transport of pigs.


"Kodagu usually supplies pork to neighbouring Kerala state. However, transport has been temporarily banned as a precautionary measure," said Dr. Suresh Bhat of the district veterinary department. "The check posts of the district are appointed with staff from the department, who will keep a careful vigil to stop the spread of ASF."


The department also cautioned pig farmers in the district to report to the department if any pig is infected by the virus. Dr. Suresh also explained that ASF will not spread from pigs to humans.


However, the department has issued guidelines to maintain hygiene in pig farms to stop pigs from getting infected.


- The New Indian Express

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