August 1, 2022


Maxim Agri Holding, Victory Farms Ltd and Gatsby Africa announce joint partnership for aqua feed mill in Kenya



Maxim Agri Holding, Victory Farms Ltd, and Gatsby Africa have announced Samakgro, a joint partnership for an aqua feed mill that will be managed by Maxim Agri to produce high-quality aqua feeds to meet the demand of East Africa's growing aquaculture industry.


Netherland-based Maxim Agri is focused on providing top quality animal feed and customised nutrition solutions to help maximise the performance of small land commercial farmers. The company has built extensive experience in emerging markets through its operations in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, with its Kenya operations launched in November 2017.


As the partnership kicked off, the construction of an environmentally-friendly feed mill facility is already ongoing in Naivasha, Kenya. The products created there will be specifically formulated to meet the rigorous nutritional requirements in the aquaculture industry, with the right nutrition profile to support fish growth and health.


The feed mill will also invest in local ingredient trials and development, testing for the right mix of nutritional elements from Kenya-produced ingredients.


The partnership acknowledges and embraces the environment as a resource to be used responsibly and sustainably, according to Victory Farms. Furthermore, the main production facility will operate solely on sustainable sources of energy.


Obaid ur Rehman, general manager of SamakGro Limited Kenya, said: "We are excited about the strategic advantages and opportunities for the aquaculture industry that this joint venture will create through localising feed production and making available a product of verifiable, consistent quality that aquaculture practitioners and entrepreneurs can rely on."


Caesar Asiyo, Victory Farms' chief development officer, expressed confidence that once it is operating at full capacity, the SamakGro feed mill will play an instrumental role in alleviating the perennial shortage of affordable quality aqua feeds in Kenya and become a major contributor to level the field for the growth of a robust and competitive aquaculture industry.

- Victory Farms Ltd

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