August 1, 2022


Spain's industrial production of compound feed for farm animals at more than 25 million tonnes last year



Spain's industrial production of compound feed for farm animals totaled 25,675,000 tonnes in 2021, a figure practically similar to that in 2020 when 25,352,373 tonnes of compound feed were produced, according to data provided by "Statistical Markets" published by the Spanish Confederation of Compound Animal Feed Manufacturers (CESFAC).


The forecast for 2022 is more negative since it is expected that 24,680,000 tonnes of compound feed for farm animals will be produced industrially, which would mean a decrease of approximately 4%. Compared to European production, a decrease of approximately 3% is expected.


Spain continues to be the leading European producer of industrial compound feed, ahead of Germany — which, in 2021, produced 22,211,000 tonnes — and France (20,604,000 tonnes). By autonomous communities, Catalonia is the main feed producer, with more than eight million tonnes, followed by Aragón and Castilla and León, both exceeding five million tonnes produced.


By species, swine is the main consumer of feed in Spain, followed by cattle and poultry.


- CESFAC (Spain)

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