August 1, 2020


Antibodies from cows better treatment for COVID-19 than convalescent plasma, says study



A biotech firm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA, says it has found that antibodies produced in cows can treat COVID-19 patients.


Scientists from SAb Biotherapeutics repeatedly injected cows with the noninfectious portion of the novel coronavirus to produce antibodies, which they claimed is even better than the plasma from recovering patients of COVID-19 in subduing COVID-19, the Wisconsin State Farmer reports.


"… [B]ecause we inject the cows over and over again, the animals build up high levels of those neutralizing antibodies, more than what's found in convalescent plasma," Eddie Sullivan, the company's president and CEO, told the Star Tribune, according to the Wisconsin State Farmer.


The researchers compared the bovine antibodies with those in convalescent plasma and found that the antibodies produced in cows were four times more effective in blocking the novel coronavirus from entering cells than the most potent convalescent plasma.


Sullivan said they also planned to test whether the antibodies from the bovines will help prevent healthy people from becoming infected.


He said they have already produced clinical material for use in the upcoming clinical trials.


So far, no antibodies developed from animals have been approved for treating disease in humans, as per the report.