August 1, 2018


China delegation in Morocco explores aquaculture opportunities


A delegation from China had held talks in July with Morocco's Secretary of State for Sea Fisheries Mbarka Bouaida concerning Chinese interest in the country's fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

The delegation was led by Deputy Mayor Wang Luming of Qingdao in Shandong province, eastern China. Members of the team included representatives from the Chinese government and private firms.

Bouaida, who presented an overview of Morocco's fisheries and aquaculture sectors to the delegates, remarked that the meeting "was very interesting, given that China leads internationally in aquaculture.

He also compared his country's assets to those based in Shandong, explaining that the region has "a certain similarity with Morocco in terms of coastline length."

"We are very interested in this important partner, because China has very important know-how in aquaculture that the country has developed on several levels," Bouaida said.

"We need to develop a real partnership in terms of scientific research, particularly between the Moroccan National Institute for Fisheries Research and other fisheries research institutes in China, in order to train the maximum of experts in marine sciences."

Wang described his meeting with Bouaida as an opportunity to "discuss various areas of scientific collaboration with oceanographic institutions, as well as Chinese investment opportunities in Morocco's aquaculture and seafood processing industry."

Based on a recent FAO report, Morocco's fish production positions 13th worldwide with 1.3 million tonnes of fish, while China is the number one producer with 1.2 million tonnes of fish.

- Morocco World News