August 1, 2011


Ukraine to cultivate 8.2 million hectares of winter grain



Ukrainian farmers intend to plant around 8.2 million hectares for next year's winter grain harvest in contrast to 8.1 million this year, according to the Farm Ministry on Friday (Jul 29).


The ministry gave no details on the area to be sown to winter wheat and winter barley.


The ministry said farms would also sow one million hectares for the 2012 winter rapeseed crop or the same acreage as this year.


Ukrainian officials have said the former Soviet republic plans to boost grain production to about 80 million tonnes in the next six to seven years.


This year, said First Deputy Farm Minister Mykola Bezugly this week, Ukraine was likely to harvest 51 million tonnes of grain compared to 39.2 million in 2010 when drought affected the Black Sea area.


Farms harvested 28.9 million tonnes of grain as of July 29 and the grain yield averaged 2.97 tonnes per hectare, the ministry said on Friday.


The harvested volume included 8.1 million tonnes of barley and 19.9 million of wheat.

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