August 1, 2011


Agribusiness Elders resumes cattle trade to Indonesia



Agribusiness Elders has obtained permission to ship cattle to its Indonesian feedlot and abattoir.


According to ABC Rural News, this will be the first shipment since the Federal Government suspended the trade nearly two months ago.


But the company said on Friday (Jul 29) that the first ship with 3,000 cattle will not leave until the second week of August.


Elders had hoped the carrier, Sahiwal Express, would collect 3,000 cattle from the port of Darwin on August 6.


Elders managing director Malcolm Jackman said Northern Australia was desperately awaiting a recovery in the trade.


He said the company will apply for more permits soon.


The Federal Government lifted the export ban to Indonesia earlier this month, requiring exporters to meet new supply chain assurances before being allowed to ship cattle.


"We have been working with the department to get the export licence," Jackman said earlier.


"I think everybody can appreciate that because this is likely to be the first shipment on the resumption of trade, there is a fair amount of scrutiny going into this."

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