August 1, 2011


June retail meat sales rise in the Philippines



Retail sales of meat in the Philippines reportedly increased in June amid increased demand from students and the recent fish kill incident last May.


Firstly, students returned to school in June, and this has increased demand for manufacturing products such as corned beef and beef sausages used in traditional school meals. Secondly, some consumers have reportedly shifted from fish to alternative proteins such as pork and red meat, due to a fish kill incident that occurred in southern Luzon in late May.


Wholesale beef prices in the Philippines remained stable during June, while wholesale lamb prices registered a double digit increases compared with 12 months ago, influenced by the continuing tight supply from Australia.


In other news, the World Organisation of Animal Health recognised Philippines' status as foot-and-mouth disease free without vaccination in late May. This will help improve the Philippines livestock herd and swine population and stabilise meat production.

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