August 1, 2011 


Swift Foods closes farms temporarily amid Newcastle disease outbreak



Philippine poultry producer Swift Foods Inc. (SWF.PH) said on Friday (Jul 30) that two chicken farms would be shut down temporarily due to Newcastle disease infections.


The farms are located in Rizal and Bulacan provinces near Manila that are major suppliers of chicken to the Philippines capital.


"By resting these two farms, the board is confident that the airborne virus will eventually be eradicated," Swift Assistant Corporate Secretary Marie Lourdes Sia-Bernas said. "The other farms will continue to be operational." She did not specify the financial impact to Swift of the farms' temporary closure.


Newcastle disease is a contagious virus affecting birds. It does not pose a major hazard to humans, although exposure to infected birds may cause mild soreness of the eyes and influenza-like symptoms.

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