August 1, 2008


China pork prices on the drop

Pork prices in China are continuing to fall, with carcass meat price in the market dropping 4.9 percent from July 1 to July 29.


Carcass meat price on July 29 was RMB 19.4 per kilogramme, down from RMB 20.4 per kilogramme on July 1.


Average retail price of lean meat in bazaars and supermarkets in 36 cities reached RMB 28.76 per kilogramme in the week ended on July 27, down 0.13 percent on-week, according to the National Development and Reform Commission on Wednesday (July 30, 2008).


A worker at a Beijing-based vegetables wholesale market said the price fall is mainly due to sufficient pork supplies and the people's adjustment of their diet structure.

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