August 1, 2008

Polar Seafood halts sales of contaminated Vietnamese frozen fish

Polar Seafood Norway AS has stopped sales of and recalled fish fillets from the involved consignment imported from Vietnam, due to a consumer becoming seriously ill after eating the product.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NSA) detected dangerous bacteria and toxins in frozen fish from a Rema 1000 store in Haugesund. NSA confirmed that the Vietnamese fish contained toxin from staphylococci bacteria and vibrio cholera.

The consumer became ill after eating a fish fillet that was purchased from the store. The agency was alerted after the consumer fell sick again after eating fish fillet of the same type. Symptoms suggested that the consumer was infected with the staphylococci toxin.

The pangasius fillets have been sold in Rema 1000 stores nationwide, as well as Coop Obs stores in Sotra, Jessheim and Lillestrom.

The consignment of fillets is produced November 28-29, 2007, and has been sold in Norwegian shops since January and February this year.

So far only one person is known to have become sick from the fish toxin.

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