July 31, 2008

Corn imports plunge in Italy, wheat imports cut


Italy, a major grain buyer in Europe, bought less soft wheat and corn abroad in the first four months of this year, Italian cereals body Anacer said on Wednesday (July 30, 2008).

Imports of soft wheat fell to 1.30 million tonnes in January-April of 2008 from 1.33 million tonnes in the same period last year, while corn imports dropped by about 38 percent to 569,178 tonnes, Anacer said in a statement.

Corn imports plunged because 411,000 tonnes less were imported from Hungary and less corn was bought in Serbia, though corn imports from Brazil increased by 214,000 tonnes compared with a year-ago period, Anacer said.

Durum wheat imports rose to 622,958 tonnes from 556,018 tonnes, boosted by increased imports from Kazakhstan and Greece, while imports from Canada and Syria fell.

Barley imports dropped nearly 15 percent to 233,379 tonnes from 273,915 tonnes.

However, the country did increase its imports of durum wheat used for making pasta.

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