July 31, 2008


Australian aquaculture industry set to double production by 2015


The Australian aquaculture industry would double production by 2015, according to Craig Foster, an industry figure said.


Craig Foster, Managing Director of Skretting Australia was speaking ahead of Skretting Australasian Aquaculture and Trade Show 2008,


Foster stated that Australian aquaculture farms currently produces 60,000 tonnes of fish, shellfish and crustaceans each year.


He said it is hoped the expansion would be achieved through an expansion of salmon operations in Tasmania, kingfish in South Australia and prawns in Queensland.


Current prawn production in Australia is about 3,200 tonnes and Foster expects it to rise to 7,000 tonnes in the years ahead.


Barramundi is also another popular species that would see more production from aquaculture farms, he said.

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