July 31, 2008


New Zealand's fresh pork consumption increasing


Fresh pork consumption in New Zealand has been rising steadily, as each New Zealander have increased intake of fresh pork by 500 grammes every year for the past five years.


The findings were according to a research released at the New Zealand Pork Industry annual general meeting earlier this week.


The rising trend is probably due to increased awareness in the use of pork in cooking and its health benefits, said Chris Trengrove, board chairman of the meeting. Another reason might be price, as pork is currently the cheapest meat in the New Zealand meat market.


In addition, as 95 percent of fresh pork on sale in New Zealand is locally produced, with only 5 percent of imported chilled and frozen products, customers are more receptive to buying pork. The pork industry also provides '100% New Zealand Pork' labeling free-of-charge to all retailers to further promote its local fresh pork products.


However, the increased popularity of fresh pork has lowered the amount of meat sources for processed products. About 75 percent of bacon and ham products made in the country came from imported pork. In 2007, 800,000 kilogrammes of pork were imported every week to supply the meat processing industry.

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