July 30, 2020


US' Guam governor seeks to launch aquaculture sector



As previously announced in the February 2020 State of the Island Address, the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio administration is planning to kick-start Guam's aquaculture sector, Marianas Variety reported.


Leveraging a supplemental application with the US Economic Development Administration, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero wrote to US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross seeking support for funding a 12-month aquaculture feasibility study. The study will determine market demand in this region of the world, growth opportunities, and needed investments.


"Natural disasters and COVID-19 have taught us that food security is just as important as economic security. If we can use the gifts of sea and soil to feed our families and strengthen our economy, we have an obligation to try," said Governor Leon Guerrero.


In her letter, the governor underscores the need to have a viable secondary industry to complement an unpredictable tourism industry that is heavily dependent on the economic conditions of the Asia Pacific region which is constantly threatened by natural disasters like the recent Typhoon Mangkhut which led to Guam being designated as a presidentially declared major disaster area in 2018.


"Developing an aquaculture industry has always been a top priority for this administration and we've taken meaningful steps to reach that goal," said Governor Leon Guerrero. "But we are now seeing what the impacts of back to back disasters can have on our economy so we must act with more urgency."