July 30, 2008


Big Dutchman furnishes piglet testing barn in Germany


The feed testing farm of Agravis Raiffeisen AG near Cloppenburg, Germany, expanded their barn capacity for piglet rearing with a new barn by 3,300 places to achieve an overall stocking density of 6,500 pigs.


The upgrade allows feeding concepts can be tested even more intensely.


Big Dutchman was successfully able to meet the high demands Agravis had on the housing equipment.


The testing farm has tested different feed types and recipes for rearing stock for years.  The The suitability of new raw materials for feed and the effectiveness of feed additives were all tested there.


The centre's main goal is to gain information and create an ideal recipe formula for weaning feed.


Since the farm is designed as a testing centre, special equipment is required: systems for dosing of feed with as little feed entrainment as possible, with precise weight registration as well as precise data registration.


Furthermore, the construction of a pig barn close to a forest, as is the case with the feed testing farm, requires the implementation of a high-performance exhaust air washer which Big Dutchman supplied.


The new piglet rearing barn, a turnkey project realised by Big Dutchman in close cooperation with Brandau Agrarbau, consists of 12 compartments with 10 pens each, housing 26 piglets per pen, as well as an additional sick-pen. The piglets are moved in when they are four weeks old and are resold to local finishing producers once they reach a weight of approximately 32 kg. Big Dutchman also supplied the farm with its piglet feeder PigNic.

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