July 29, 2021


Trouw Nutrition presents mini-course on optimising feed shelf-life and production efficiency


Trouw Nutrition is teaming up with experts from METER Group and NEF Feed Milling Consulting for a two-part mini-course focused on managing feed shelf-life and optimising production efficiency during feed processing. Targeting professionals involved in raw material management and feed processing, the 1.5-hour courses will be held on August 5 and 12, at 9am and 4pm CEST. Both courses are being offered free of charge.


Thursday, August 5:


Shelf-life Management – Managing Water Activity: Zachary Cartwright, PhD, food scientist and isotherm application specialist and Mary Galloway, application specialist at METER Group will explain the relationship between water activity, moisture content and managing microbial risks during feed processing. Dr. Prince Nanda of Trouw Nutrition will share research findings relevant to shelf life and explain how technology, together with specific blends of organic acids and other ingredients, can help to achieve requisite shelf-life of feed. Register here to join the first episode.


Thursday, August 12:


Improving Feed Mill Efficiency: Ernst Nef of NEF Feed Milling Consulting will present 'The Art and Science of Pelletizing'. He will discuss common threats that can compromise conditioning during feed milling, and share best practices for mitigating these threats. Dr. Prince Nanda will share validation study findings that show the efficacy of interventions to improve feed processing efficiency. Sign up for this episode here.


"Professionals across the feed production chain are challenged with safeguarding both the integrity of feed ingredients and finished feed, as well as the economics of production," says Dr. Nanda. "This two-part mini-course addresses the critical role that water activity and feed preservatives play in protecting feed safety, and looks at research demonstrating the efficacy and economics of moisture optimisation interventions during feed processing.