July 28, 2022


Over 100,000 chickens culled in Friesland, the Netherlands due to bird flu


Over 100,000 chickens have been culled on a poultry farm in Friesland, the Netherlands, due to bird flu, resulting in a total of 3.5 million birds killed since the outbreak was detected last year, Dutch News reported.


The culled birds were raised for meat on a farm in Minnertsga.The owner owns two additional broiler farms 3 km away from the afflicted area, and the farm ministry said those farms will be closely watched for two weeks to see if the virus has spread.


The movement of birds, eggs, straw, and manure has been prohibited for the foreseeable future at ten additional poultry businesses that are less than 10 km from the epicentre of the most recent outbreak.


In an effort to contain the outbreak, all poultry, including organic chickens, have been kept indoors since October in the Dutch poultry industry, which is currently dealing with its worst bird flu outbreak in 20 years.


Around 1,700 poultry farms, or roughly 10 billion eggs annually, are located in the Netherlands. 50 farms, the majority of which were producing eggs, have so far been identified as having bird flu infections.


-      Dutch News

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