July 28, 2015


Companies fund US university's sequencing of soybean germplasm


Monsanto, Bayer CropScience, DOW AgroSciences and United Soybean Board are funding a project that involves sequencing a large number of soybean germplasm lines in the US.


Called "Large Scale Sequencing of Germplasm to Develop Genomic Resources for Soybean Improvement", the research is coordinated by Henry Nguyen's Laboratory at the University of Missouri and is the first major public-private partnership of its kind in soybean genetic research.


As part of the project, the southern US soybean cultivar, "Lee" (PI 548656), was selected for sequencing to develop a second reference genome in soybean.  This will complement the first reference genome, "Williams82", that was chosen to represent the northern US germplasm.


Results from the project will establish the foundation for future soybean genetic and breeding research. Soybean breeders and researchers could also use the gathered data to improve soybean varieties for farmers in the States.

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