July 28, 2011


UK beef, pork sales rise amid adverse weather



UK's beef and pork sales have shown strong growth over the last month going against the gloomy retail outlook, driven by the recent rainy weather.


In the four weeks ending July 10, sales of fresh and frozen pork rose 14.8% compared with last year, with fresh and frozen beef rising by 13.1%, on-year.


However sales have predominantly been from roast and stewing cuts, rather than more traditional summer barbecue cuts.


Pork roasting joints rose 62%, with pork loin up 50.6% compared with last year. The trend for wintry cuts continued across the species, with beef second-quality stewing steak up 64.6% and beef first-quality stewing steak up 40% from last year.


Richard Cullen, retail and consumer insight manager at Eblex and Bpex said, "During the summer months, we would not expect to see strong sales of roasts more traditionally associated with winter months. However, there have not been as many opportunities to eat summer- or BBQ-type food in the last month as the weather has been cooler and wetter, and therefore meat dishes that require some cooking, like roasts, would benefit from this. The opposite of the equation, of course, is that sales of BBQ food have suffered compared to this time last year, although they were perhaps unusually high last year because it was a Football World Cup year."


Overall sales of fresh and frozen meat and poultry in the four weeks to July 10 are up 4.6% on the same time last year, according to the latest figures from Kantar.

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