July 28, 2008


China farmers' income up 10.3 percent in first half of 2008


Chinese farmers' income in the first half of 2008 rose 10.3 percent in real terms from a year ago, state media said Sunday (July 27, 2008).


This is in contrast to urban dwellers whose income increased 6.3 percent after being adjusted for inflation, according to the Xinhua news agency.


Still, the wage gap between the two groups remain wide:  the average farmer in China made RMB 2,528 (US$370) in the first six months of 2008, compared with RMB 8,065 (US$1,180) for the average urban dweller, according to Xinhua. 


However, China has implemented various measures to uplift the rural economy, such as abolishing the centuries-old land tax for farms last year. The year the government is investing RMB 563 billion  (US$82.4 billion) in rural infrastructure.

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