July 27, 2021


De Heus acquires Netherlands-based Coppens Diervoeding


Royal De Heus has reached agreement to acquire Helmond, Netherlands-based Coppens Diervoeding which has a modern animal feed plant with a 400,000-tonne capacity.


The company has achieved a strong regional position within the pig and broiler sectors. Due to its strong nutritional knowledge, Coppens distinguishes itself in the industry with high-quality animal feeds.


The acquisition aligns with De Heus' goal of making its production more flexible and expanding its capacity in the Netherlands as a means of facilitating further growth. The intended transaction still requires approval from the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM).


"De Heus and Coppens share a long history in serving the livestock farming sector with high-quality feeds. Both companies are deeply rooted in the Dutch livestock farming sector," said Hendrik de Vor, managing director of Coppens. "There has been mutual respect between the two companies for many years. We are confident that in looking to the future, Coppens's position and that of its employees will be properly safeguarded under De Heus's wings."


The acquisition of Coppens will increase De Heus's production capacity. With the newly acquired plant in Helmond, De Heus now has 10 animal feed plants in the Netherlands.


Co de Heus, chief executive officer of Royal De Heus, said: "We are looking towards the future with confidence. We also managed to achieve positive growth in a challenging market in recent years.


"Market conditions, consumer needs and the demands of supermarket organisations are constantly changing. We intend to continue to support our customers to the best of our ability to help them meet the needs of supermarket organisations and consumers for chain concepts. To be able to do this, it is important for us to have sufficient production capacity and flexibility.


"The Coppens acquisition further increases our capability in this respect. Coppens is an extremely professional organisation with dedicated employees. We look forward to a common future."


"I am happy that Coppens now forms part of the De Heus family business. The company has an excellent reputation. In the coming months, we will jointly start working on integrating the two companies as effectively as possible," said de Vor.


"In Helmond, we will continue to focus on the production of pig and broiler feeds. I am happy that over the short term, we are already able to produce extra volume for De Heus. I am looking forward to personally lead the integration process from my Coppens home base."


- De Heus