July 27, 2016


Olmix's Searup to receive product innovation award at SPACE 2016


Olmix's complementary feed based on marine algae extracts, Searup, will receive a product innovation award at SPACE 2016.


To face the growing demand from consumers to reduce the use of antibiotics in farms, Olmix developed Searup to reinforce the natural defences of animals.


Specifically, the marine algae extracts are Marine Sulphated Polysaccharides (MSPs). MSPs are complex polysaccharides, with a branched structure containing different sugars, including rare ones like rahmnose. Moreover, these sugars can carry sulphate groups on their structure. This makes them unique, as this characteristic is not found in any terrestrial plant, and is the origin of their unique biological activities.


A recent study, conducted in collaboration with INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research) and published in the Journal of Applied Phycology in March 2016, demonstrated that the immunomodulating MSP used in Searup is able to activate immune receptors of intestinal cells, and induce the expression of some immune mediators (cytokines and chemokines), thus modulating both innate immunity (macrophages, neutrophils) and adaptive immunity (T and B lymphocytes).


Searup is distributed via drinking water, enabling prompt and flexible administration. The product is available in different galenic forms (liquid or tablet) and doses, allowing farmers to choose the most adapted form for their drinking water systems.


Searup use is recommended during stress periods such as growth or transition phases (weaning, housing change etc.). It is also used in support of vaccination programmes by reinforcing the natural defenses of poultry, swine and ruminants.


Numerous trials conducted in research facilities or directly on farm have demonstrated Searup's efficacy in swine (better immune transfer from the sow to the litter, reduction of mortality during post-weaning etc.) and poultry production (reduced mortality and condemnation rates in broilers, better vaccine uptake - better homogeneity, better persistence - in layers and pullets).
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