July 27, 2016
USPOULTRY clinic focuses on farm security and hatchery-breeder management


Attendees at the 2016 USPOULTRY Hatchery-Breeder Clinic learned about the tactical campaign, "All In or All Gone, Protect Your Farm, Protect Your Livelihood," which was established as a result of last year's avian influenza outbreak.


"When it comes to biosecurity, we wanted to create a campaign to change behavior," said Chad Mason, breeder-hatchery manager of Columbia Farms, Georgia.


"We were not trying to sell a product. We were trying to help people establish good habits, as biosecurity is not a one and done task," Mason explained. The campaign included people in varying geographies and roles in the industry.


Dr. Sarah Tilley, director of poultry health services for Fieldale Farms, provided insight into the new Veterinary Feed Directive that will go into effect on January 1 next year. "In order to use drugs that are considered medically important, you will have to have a prescription. This will be difficult for companies that do not have a veterinarian on staff," she remarked.


There are a number of new and existing housing challenges that Greg Lay, live production manager for Pilgrim's, shared with attendees. "It is a high probability that the USDA and FDA will begin enforcing safe food initiatives on the farm with onsite inspections in the near future," warned Lay.


Lay suggested that those putting in new facilities look at single point entry, security cameras, controlled access and perimeter fencing to help control who comes on the farm. For cost savings, energy efficiency and environmental benefits, Lay emphasised the benefits of solid wall housing and LED lighting.


This year's clinic was held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, US. Other topics covered included a primary breeder update, single stage versus multistage incubation, identifying breeder management issues and their effects on embryology, egg weighing, effective worming programmes, nutritional effects on feathering and fertility, and a hatchery / breeder innovation showcase.


- US Poultry & Egg Association

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