July 27, 2011


China sees expansion in 2011 autumn grain acreage


China's autumn grain growing area is estimated to reach 77.13 million hectares this year, up 466,667 hectares over last year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA).


The autumn grain crops are growing better than last year, which will set a solid foundation for a good harvest, the ministry said. Autumn grain accounts for about 75% of China's total grain production.


This year's summer grain output stands at 126.27 million tonnes, up 2.5% from a year ago. Meanwhile, the early rice output is expected to increase as the crop's planting area maintains stable while its average yield rises significantly this year, MOA noted.


It is now a key growth period for autumn crops and major producing areas may still face natural disasters in the following months, including summer drought and early frost in autumn.


Agriculture minister Han Changfu earlier said that the country will strengthen field management and make every effort to achieve bumper harvests for the eighth year running in 2011.

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