July 27, 2011


Russia sets lower poultry, pork import quotas for 2012


The Russian Economic Development Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry have proposed lower import quotas for poultry and pork for 2012, contingent on Russia joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO).


Prime Minister Vladimir Putin projected the nation will import about 350,000 tonnes of poultry and 350,000 tonnes of pork in 2012, significantly less than the one million tonnes of poultry that Putin recently estimated was imported into Russia.


Domestic production of pork has risen to 2.4 million tonnes in 2011, but short of the three million tonnes expected to be consumed this year. That rise in domestic pork production is expected to continue to be strong in 2012, reducing pork imports to 350,000 tonnes from 650,000 tonnes this year.


Putin said other parameters are being discussed as negotiations on Russia joining the WTO move forward. He added that the recommendations "may be accepted only when Russia becomes a full WTO member." Putin noted that import duties will remain at 15% for products imported under the quotas while duties on products above the quotas will be a prohibitive 75%.

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