July 27, 2011


Romania's rapeseed harvest exceeds estimates by 13%



Romania has harvested 730,284 tonnes of its rapeseed crop thus far, exceeding initial estimates from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) by 13%.


According to the Minister of Agriculture, the final crop will be better than initial MADR estimates, despite a drought that affected rapeseed output, particularly in the south of the country.


"Even if Romania's rapeseed oil consumption is not too high, worldwide negotiations on this culture have been carried out right from the field and prices jumped past EUR450-500 (US$652-725) per tonne," said Agriculture Minister Valeriu Tabara. "I think that Romania should regularly dedicate 500,000 hectares to rape cultures, in a substantial increase from the mere few hundred hectares 15 years ago."


Rapeseed ranks fifth by edible oil output of all oilseed plants cultivated in Romania.


Romania produced 917,058 tonnes of rapeseed in 2010, up 1.5 times from the 591,500 tonnes harvested in 2009.

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