July 27, 2011


Brazilian meat gets go-ahead in Malaysia and Indonesia


The governments of Malaysia and Indonesia have authorised Brazilian meat processors to export to their countries, while Japan will send a team of inspectors to Brazil in August to evaluate a handful of processing plants, according to sources.


The three countries had been the focus of a Brazilian trade mission to Asia in June. Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture noted that so far in 2011, Brazilian trade missions have managed to successfully open up pork exports to China in April and pork exports to South Africa in June.


The Malaysian market will be open for Brazilian beef and turkey exports. According to Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Malaysia has approved two Brazilian meat processors to do business there. Indonesia will now allow duck and turkey meat exports from Brazil.


All poultry processing plants in Brazil were approved for proper sanitation by Malaysian government officials during an inspection visit in February. Any restrictions that remain for processors to do business there revolve around halal certification. Malaysian industry officials will visit Brazil again in September to offer halal training at processing plants throughout the country.


The Brazilian plants approved for export to Indonesia were given halal method certification. Global demand for halal-certified meat is now more than US$400 billion per year, increasing an average of 15% per year, according to Brazil's Agriculture Ministry.

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