July 26, 2021


EU's 2021 cereal harvest expected to reach 292.45 million tonnes



The total cereal harvest in the European Union is expected to be 292.45 million tonnes in 2021, or 3.8% above the five-year average, according to COPA-COGECA.


For oilseeds, EU production could reach 30 million tonnes, or 1.6% above the five-year average.


A 1.6% increase (equivalent to 292.45 million tonnes) in the EU-27 cereal crop is forecast, as a result of a larger planted area (+0.7%, 52.10 million hectares). Better yields than in 2020 are forecast.


The EU's wheat harvest will be delayed by more than a week due to low temperatures during the spring and excess moisture over the past few weeks, which have slowed crop development. Meanwhile, soft wheat crop could reach 130 million tonnes (+7%), while a decline in spring cereal production is expected (-5.4% in barley, -4.9% in oats, -4% in rye and -0.8% in corn), as a result of a smaller planted area, but an increase in the total wheat area (+4.7%) is expected.


Oilseed crop is forecast to be 8.9% larger (30.12 million tons), despite a 1.3% reduction in planted area. However, it remains to be seen whether the prospects for improved yields will be realised.


According to estimates, rapeseed production could reach 16.75 million tonnes (+2.7%) while soybean production would add almost three million tonnes (+20.2%).