July 26, 2019


VNU joins hands with British Pig Association and Big Dutchman to hold 'ILDEX Forum, Philippines'


VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, the organiser of ILDEX Exhibitions, held a knowledge-sharing forum and roadshow in Asia, under the name 'ILDEX Forum, Philippines' on June 27, 2019 at Century Park hotel, Manila, Philippines.


(From left) Mr.Heiko M. Stutzinger; Mr. Patrick Ty; Mr. Nigel Overend; Mrs. Panadda Kongma

Mr.Heiko M. Stutzinger, managing director of VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, delivered the opening remarks. This is the first time that VNU has moved into the Philippines and it is confident that the country's livestock market has lots of business potential in the Southeast Asia region. Over 50 seats have been reserved by local companies, members of the press, associations, farm owners and also investment units of local banks.


The British Pig Association and Big Dutchman were the key speakers. Mr. Nigel Overend, council member, British Pig Association and  director, Deerpark A.I. Centre., presented on "Optimum profitability in pig breeding". The topic "Encouraging pig farmers to engage in sustainable management of waste" was presented by Mr. Patrick Ty, managing director, Big Dutchman (Philippines).


Mr. Stutzinger said: "There is no better time than now to come to the Philippines as we saw a record 6.2% economic growth in 2018 with the agricultural sector as one of the key contributing factors. The Philippine Institute for Development Studies mentions in its report that the livestock and poultry industry has been growing consistently and there is a clear indication that the Philippine government would like to reform these sectors for efficient operation in line with growing domestic demand."


Mr. Ty said: "The main challenges for sustainability in pig farm operations involve two important things: the first, in regard to input waste, is achieving a high level of feed conversion efficiency, and the second in regard to output waste, is managing manure disposal to meet environmental standards. The five challenges of waste/manure management of pig farms are as follows: Air pollution – hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, methane and CO2; Water pollution – the discharge of manure into waterways; Soil pollution – over nitrification, costly to build water treatmentfacilities and costly to transport manure and digestive to crop farms. Waste Not – Want Not: Ensure a sustainable and hygienic farming system with the appropriate use of available manure treatment options.  If it exists then it can be done."


Mrs. Panadda Kongma, head of Competence Center Livestock of VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., said: "ILDEX is a local industry developer; we provide business networks with in-depth experience and data, and knowledge platforms that can leverage our global expertise. The exhibitions contribute to the local livestock industry by understanding local markets and culture. Through our strength, flexibility, personalised service and partnership strategy, ILDEX aims to highlight and communicate meaningful content that suits each country. ILDEX localises content, technology and networks with our professionals. We customise services to enable our stakeholders to achieve their desired growth. At the last edition of both shows, the average number of trade visitors was 8,910 and 200 leading companies attended."


She added: "To be aware of the importance of sustainable management of waste in livestock production, we decided to make this issue a new theme at ILDEX Indonesia 2019 under the name 'Waste Management'. There is an urgent need, therefore, for locally-owned and community-driven solutions such as accessible and cost-effective infrastructure for waste management."