July 26, 2011


US experience bird losses amid heat wave



Unusual bird losses and reduced liveweights on grow-out farms in the upper Midwest are occurring due to the lethal heat wave present in the US' midsection, according to the July 22 edition of the National Chicken Council's Washington Report.


Egg output is also not spared from the heat.


The USDA Poultry Market News Service stated that close to 100,000 broilers have been lost to the heat on several grow-out farms located in the affected area. However, the exact numbers remain uncertain as reports are still coming in.


Birds are lessening their feed intake due to oppressive heat, thus, decreasing the pace of gain and leading to lower average live weights at the plant, USDA said. A rise in the number of dead birds is also reported by plants affected in the regions. These plants are responding by changing their processing timings to lessen the time spent by birds on the trucks.

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